Bay Area Backsides

Statue with back to graffiti, or Freeze Tag

Posted in Dolores Park by Sarah Curtiss on January 14, 2011
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Dolores Park statue from the back with graffiti in the foreground

Freeze Tag

Smokin’…the man and his motorcycle

Man smoking on parked motorcycle on Dolores Street in San Francisco


Bay Area Front Side that was begging to be published

Posted in Dolores Park,The Mission by Sarah Curtiss on November 5, 2010
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man in red costume with crotch cut out and replaced with fishnet

Glad to meet you.

This photo essay is supposed to be only backsides, but I was unable to resist adding this one front side which was just begging to be published. Quite the inovative costume, eh? One person’s biggest nightmare is another person’s biggest fantasy.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Whatever you say, Sistah

Picnic in San Francisco and Kick Me notes

Posted in Dolores Park by Sarah Curtiss on October 19, 2010
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two men, one with hat, the other with leopard coat

The notes stuck to this guy’s back remind me of a story a co-worker once told me. Claudia was queued to get on the escalator after getting off BART at Embarcadero Center during rush hour. One woman pushed her way to the front of the queue and got on the escalator in front of Claudia. People were really annoyed and were muttering audibly about this rude, line-jumping woman. The woman just ignored them all and stared straight ahead. As she rose up the escalator, her back became clear to those behind her. Someone had put a sticky note on her back that said “I am an ASS.”

I’m going to start carrying a pad of these notes around with me. This is a great way to diffuse your anger at inconsiderate strangers. This might also be a good way to jump a queue. Just stick this note on your back and jump in front of people. Everyone will let you go because they will be too busy pointing and chuckling.

Blue Corset and Thigh High Boots

Man in corset and thigh high boots

Just shopping…I kind of like the black t-shirt.

Black man with great body in jeans and black wife beater t-shirt

Now that's a great looking t-shirt!

Origami Heads

Woman in while with tall white hat

Better than green eggs and ham

man dressed in green bunny outfit

What is there to say?

Here come the brides…big, never fat, a little wide

4 men dressed in bridal gowns in front of a wedding table

Here come the brides

Bird’s Nest as a Fashion Accessory

Black person with bird's nest hat

The Bird's Nest Fashion Statement

Corona Heights in the middle of San Francisco in the middle of the day

William Solis walking through Corona Heights Park, San Francisco

The Road is Long

Oops…what’s that under her wedding dress?

Woman in white dress with another woman under her dress

Well that blew her skirts up!

Orange Hair with Matching Feather Boa

Back of woman with orange hair sundress and feather boa

Orange hair with matching feather boa

Pink Mohawk

Person with pink mohawk surrounded by grass in Dolores Park

The Pink Mohawk Sits Alone

Closeup of person with pink mohawk and black sides

The Pink Mohawk Sits Alone

Strike a Pose

Black man dancing

Strike a Pose

I realized that I have a lot of pictures of people with pink hair and decided to mix it up a bit. Could this be a San Francisco thing? Or am I just attracted to people wearing pink? I once wore almost nothing but pink for several years. But I once wore only red for 7 years. And currently I have been wearing black for probably 15 years.

Pretty Pale Pink People

Young couple dressed in pink

Couple in Pink

The Easter Party

Little girl at an Easter party

The Easter Outfit

Big hair can work

Large woman (man?) pink print dress, purple and pink big hair

If you're going to wear big hair, it should be pink and purple

Plumber’s Butt

Back of woman showing crack of butt

Classic case of Plumber's Butt

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