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Picnic in San Francisco and Kick Me notes

Posted in Dolores Park by Sarah Curtiss on October 19, 2010
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two men, one with hat, the other with leopard coat

The notes stuck to this guy’s back remind me of a story a co-worker once told me. Claudia was queued to get on the escalator after getting off BART at Embarcadero Center during rush hour. One woman pushed her way to the front of the queue and got on the escalator in front of Claudia. People were really annoyed and were muttering audibly about this rude, line-jumping woman. The woman just ignored them all and stared straight ahead. As she rose up the escalator, her back became clear to those behind her. Someone had put a sticky note on her back that said “I am an ASS.”

I’m going to start carrying a pad of these notes around with me. This is a great way to diffuse your anger at inconsiderate strangers. This might also be a good way to jump a queue. Just stick this note on your back and jump in front of people. Everyone will let you go because they will be too busy pointing and chuckling.