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Statue with back to graffiti, or Freeze Tag

Posted in Dolores Park by Sarah Curtiss on January 14, 2011
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Dolores Park statue from the back with graffiti in the foreground

Freeze Tag

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  1. Patou said,

    I went and saw “Walk the Line” in the theatre, and coludn’t get over how good Reese and Joaquin did in their roles. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the film, and your post makes me want to rewatch! Loved all the trivia you included.

  2. Renjini said,

    I live in Oregon and have come upon Riva by the River in W. Sacramento. I have a realtor in the area and have been pre-qualified by SAFE CU who has an agenmeert with the complex to finance a certain number of condos at Riva. I have put a number of offers on various units in the past few weeks and in each case cash offers have been taken. My concern is whether these units are being bought up by investors who will rent them out. If that is the case I am concerned that the owner occupied vs renter occupied ratio may not be something desirable for someone like myself who intends to live there long term.Can you address my concern?Sincerely,Katheryn HainesSalem Oregon

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