Bay Area Backsides

The Art Show Attendees As Art

Posted in Financial District by Sarah Curtiss on March 15, 2011
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photograph of woman at Robert Vo photography show in San Francisco

I need some help! I’m running out of butts. Email your backside pics to me!

Posted in The Castro by Sarah Curtiss on November 29, 2010
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Woman in nurses Halloween costume through doorway

I don’t have time to lurk around corners trying to snap a couple of bottoms. I need help!

Bicycle Messenger Look

Posted in Fisherman's Wharf by Sarah Curtiss on September 28, 2010
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woman with pigtails

Blue Corset and Thigh High Boots

Man in corset and thigh high boots

Naked Man on Baker’s Beach

Nude man standing facing ocean on Baker's Beach in San Francisco

I wonder what they're talking about...I'm trying not to wonder what he is doing.

Great bags, belts, boots etc.

Man and woman with great butts and great boots

I’m being stalked by zebra photographs

Man in black coat with zebra tights in front of People's Cafe on Haight Street

Must be related to the one in my kitchen drying dishes

Young women and bubbles

Five young women with bubbles

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

Just shopping…I kind of like the black t-shirt.

Black man with great body in jeans and black wife beater t-shirt

Now that's a great looking t-shirt!

Tattoos and Platforms…tats and plats

Large woman, black dress and corset, striped tights, high platforms, red hair

Haight Street Fair

You don’t need television

Red haired woman sitting in chair on sidewalk with people walking past

You don't need television if the sidewalk is your patio.

The Plumber’s Butt is Alive and Well and Living in San Francisco

Couple where one man in zebra tights is showing a bit of crack

Because everyone loves a plumber's butt

Mrs. Atlas Holding Up A Tree To Save The Rest Of Us

woman on path in Golden Gate Park Arboretum with hands above head touching tree

Origami Heads

Woman in while with tall white hat

Pink hair and white legs

couple walking on Haight Street; woman has pink hair and white legs

Blinded by the white

Better than green eggs and ham

man dressed in green bunny outfit

What is there to say?

The City Abstract Gaze


Blond woman with pink stripe gazing pensively into the traffic as Muni bus drives by

The Pensive

I forgot where I took this. Anyone out there recognize this tiny little patch of San Francisco? There is a number on the bus, but I couldn’t find its route.

Lunch with the Turtles at Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Couple eating lunch on park bench next to Stow Lake with turtles on rocks

Turtle Lunch

Here come the brides…big, never fat, a little wide

4 men dressed in bridal gowns in front of a wedding table

Here come the brides

Cut from the goth cloth

Couple dressed in goth black on Market Street in San Francisco

The Goth Cloth

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