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Rear Window…my first printed and eBook collection of bottoms

Posted in Bay Area Backsides by Sarah Curtiss on November 27, 2013

Rear Window Cover

Purchase a printed copy or the eBook here.

If you order before December 2 and use CYBER2 as the purchase code, you will get 25% off.

If you order 2 books before December 2 and use BETTER25 as the purchase code, you will get 25% off plus free shipping.

Order now and they will arrive before the holidays. I would greatly appreciate it if you would pass a link to this on to anyone who might appreciate the bottomless well of the Bay Area’s weird and quirky.

I have been photographing and blogging backsides for many years. This is the first year that I decided to create a printed copy of any of them…a zine. I accidentally sent my draft copy of Rear Window to my 95 year old mother in assisted living in Waunakee Wisconsin. She was not amused…”why would you send a book like that to me!?!” Hysterical with laughter at my mother’s outrage, I tried to explain that I had not meant to send it to her. She just happened to be the last person I had sent a book to and I forgot to check the Ship To address field when I ordered this book so it Shipped To her. “Well what in the world are you doing taking pictures like these anyway!?!” That question is a little more difficult to answer. “And why would you take so many pictures of such (big inhale and voice turns into a low pitched hiss) fat asses!?!” Hmmm…why DO I take so many pictures of fat asses?

This book is assisted living pornography in Wisconsin…probably in a lot of places. I’m sure she kept it hidden under her mattress (like no one looks for porn under your mattress) until one of my siblings arrived to take the offending material away in a plain brown wrapper. It was quickly sent to its perverted creator in California.

Picture my mother’s gasps as she paged through this book for the first time, believing that her daughter had intentionally sent this to her for her coffee table. If that doesn’t send you into a fit of giggles, you have lost your giggle…or perhaps you are a 95 year old woman in assisted living in Waunakee.

Bottoms up!!

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