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Black rubber as an alternative to black leather

Posted in Folsom Street by Sarah Curtiss on November 18, 2011

tattooed woman in black rubber dress


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  1. Paulo said,

    …”We should be otguared by these comments,” Sydney psychologist Louise Fuller told Actually, I’m otguared that a psychologist has nothing better to do than be otguared over something like this, and has the time and energy to blow it so far out of proportion. Where was she when George W Bush and John Howard were mocked for their appearance, and does her outrage extend to Mr Abbott being pilloried in the press over his prominent ears, his six-pack, or his swimming trunks? I imagine her silence has been deafening up till now. I’ve seen the pictures. Her arse is fat.

  2. Tyrone said,

    I do wonder what will hpepan to Apple, myself. It hasn’t been looking good lately. Even my husband, who is a big Apple fan wasn’t pleased with iPhone 5.I can’t believe you journal everyday! I had an online journal that I wrote in about twice a month for years, but writing has taken that out of me. Haven’t touched it in 6 mths. My sister and I were talking about losing weight and she was saying how hard it is for her to feel motivated to do it at the end of a long work day. (She is on her feet all day long.) For ME, it’s about the proper incentive. The only reason I work out (and am consistently motivated to) is because I get two hours free from my children to READ while I work out. It sounds horrible, probably, but I am with them all day long and it is my only baby free time. And because of that, I exercise regularly. You just need to find your reward. Your incentive.

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