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Anticipating The Rapture

Posted in Dolores Park by Sarah Curtiss on May 21, 2011

S&M skit for easter

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  1. Open said,

    I send the following email to the Mayor and all the Dallas City Council meermbs. My prayers are with our wonderful genealogy staff. To the Mayor and all Dallas City Council meermbs:I have just learned that you are considering serious cuts to the Central (downtown) Branch of the Dallas Public Library. Although I do not live in Dallas, I do work in Dallas and frequent this library often. I hope you will reconsider these cuts to this important service that is utilized by many people. With the economy being so weak, the citizens of our great State need to have access to low cost entertainment and resources. I will be retiring next year and had planned to spend a great deal of time in the genealogy section on the 8th floor. I was also planning to volunteer to work on the genealogy information desk. During the Great Depression, many of our ancestors turned to free services, such the libraries of our country. They were able to further educate themselves as a result. For thousands of years our libraries have been the cornerstone of self education, self help, and increase in knowledge. Please don’t cut off funds to this vital resource, especially at time when it is needed more than ever!

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