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Ouch! from St. Stupid’s Day parade in San Francisco April Fools Day 2011

Posted in Financial District by Sarah Curtiss on April 20, 2011
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fine art photography by san francisco artist sarah curtiss of man with red strap between his legs


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  1. Juancarlos said,

    Gary, I’m not sure anyone would deny that this anpehps on occasion. The objection, and the reason why many of us don’t discuss rape cases in these terms is that it’s an argument that’s often used to derail threads and to divert the discussion away from a very real problem in our society, that of male sexual violence. If you look at the Guardian’s Comment is Free site for instance, any discussion on rape quickly becomes a discussion about how all women are lying tarts out to destroy men’s reputations by falsely accusing them of rape. The main issue then gets ignored in favour of a nonsensical statistical debate about how many women actually lie and how many are genuine rape victims.On a site like this on the other hand, I think it’s pretty clear that when we’re discussing rape we’re discussing rape. We’re not talking about that handful of cases when for whatever reason women have made false accusations. You can see that as a sin of omission if you want, but personally, as the site owner, I refuse to allow this place to become yet another misogynist bear pit where women’s testimony is yet again disbelieved, and where the dominant discourse is one of yeah, but we all know women are lying bitchez, now prove that they’re not. If people want to have that kind of discussion, there are plenty of other places on the net happy to provide them with the space to do so.

  2. Daniel said,

    I mean I know that people are in a huff that he’s scgpaaoeting Castillo even though the Offense is the problem but did anyone really think he’d make this move, let alone one to get rid of Marty. Baby steps people. This just shows how much heat Andy Reid is finally feeling for the first time in his career. It was a fairly easy move to make with the replacement already in-house. People begged for heads to roll, and now they are complaining about the wrong heads. Never in a million years would Marty have been canned at this point, even if it is his unit struggling the most.

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